Wall circles

On this page I explain what wall circles are and show some examples.

What exactly are wall circles?

  • The circles are made of forex which is a thicker, light materiaal
  • Thanks to the cubes on the back, the circles hang down a bit from the wall, creating a nice shadow effect and extra depth
  • The circles are available in different diameters, such as 20 cm, 30 and 40 cm
  • My most sold set is a set of 3 circles of 40 cm
  • Your photos will be printed colorfast and matte on the circles
  • The circles can be mounted on the wall with screws, you can still hang them properly


A sample photo of a set of 3 wall circles on the wall

This is an example of a set of 3 circles of 40 cm on the wall

How does this work?

Once the photos from your newborn, baby or cakesmash shoot are ready you will receive a message to schedule the ordering appointment. Then I will ask you to send me a picture of a wall in your home where you would like to hang something. I will also ask you to photograph this wall with an A4 sheet taped to it. After that I can make a digital example of wall-art with different photos, so you get an idea. During the ordering appointment I will show you the digital examples. Want to see another photo? No problem, I’ll adjust the example on the spot.


Would you like to store the circles, for example because you are going to paint the wall first? Then it is best to put the boxes upright somewhere in the house in a place where you don’t come often, such as the attic.

een foto van een set muurcirkels van een tevreden klant

An example of a set of 3 40 cm circles

Delivery time

The delivery time of the circles is +/- 2 weeks. Because of the vulnerability of the circles, they will not be shipped, but can be picked up at the studio as soon as they arrive. Also for this you will receive another message.

Do you want a beautiful set of circles on the wall?

Contact me here or take a look at the price list. Want to see more of my work? Have a look here 🙂