When making an appointment with Sophie Babyphotografie you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. General

  • As a working area I use the Eindhoven region.
  • By using the services of Sophie Babyfotografie in any sense, you automatically agree to these conditions.
  • The photos on www.sophiebabyfotografie.nl may only be used by the owner, Sophie Verstappen. Visitors can view these photos, but are not allowed to use them in any way.
  • When planning the appointment for the shoot, I will call, email or app the appropriate dates. To take into account my schedule and other customers, these dates are kept free for 48 hours. Afther that, these can be forgiven to other customers of appointments.
  • Sophie Babyphotografie can never be held liable for material and / or immaterial damage during a photo session on location.
  • Sophie Babyphotografie requires an assistant during the shoot: in most cases this is the father. Is there no assistant present during the shoot for whatever reason? Then Sophie Babyphotografie reserves the right to cancel the shoot.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie is also not liable for the delivery of less or less good photos than normal due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the influence of the photographer. Think of children who do not cooperate, instructions that are not followed, weather conditions, and much more.
  • It goes without saying that Sophie Babyfotografie does her utmost to minimize the chance of malfunctions and errors during the shoot.
  • During the shoot it is not allowed to make recordings or to photograph with your own telephone and / or camera.

2. Copyright

  • The copyright of the photos lies at all times with Sophie Babyphotography.
  • It is allowed to take a phone photo during the shoot. After that it is strictly forbidden to keep taking pictures. If you continue, Sophie Babyfotografie is entitled to end the shoot. This because of of the copyright on the styling and shoot. In addition, also to guard the peace and safety during the shoot.
  • The customer gives the photographer permission to use the photos taken for promotional purposes. Such as, but not limited to; blog, portfolio, social media, flyers, exhibitions, competitions. The customer does not receive any compensation for this.
  • The customer can indicate in writing or by email before the photo shoot to object to this. The photographer will then not use the photos.
  • If the customer objects to (online) use by the photographer during or after the shoot, the amount of € 200 will be added to the total amount on the invoice. This is to compensate because Sophie Baby photography is missing material for marketing and portfolio.
  • I will never send you unedited pictures. Even if you are asking for them because you’re not satisfied.
  • When purchasing files with the digital “high resolution” files, the customer has the right to reproduction for his own use.
  • When the customer places pictures online, it is appreciated to tag Sophie Babyfotografie. 
  • It is not allowed to use files for commercial or non-profit companies and / or to publish them in printed media.
  • It is strictly forbidden to edit the obtained digital files, such as cutting them or providing them with a filter of texts. It is also forbidden to share edited pictures on social media.
  • It is not permitted for the customer to send digital files to photo competitions without the express permission of Sophie Babyfotografie.
  • You are not allowed to share the resized images with watermark on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. These images are used to select which images you wish to receive in large format.
  • Always mention Sophie Babyfotografie when posting a photo. Sophie Baby Photography will keep your files for approximately two years after the shoot. Store your files at home in different ways so that you don’t lose them.


3. Quotes, payment and prices

  • All quotations and offers of the user (in whatever form) are without obligation, unless the contrary expressly follows from this.
  • The (purchase) price is in euros. Payment is made in accordance with the invoice sent and must be paid in full immediately after the shoot. No photos will be sent if the invoice has not yet been paid.
  • If, after sending the selection, you want a photo product or additional photos, a second invoice will be made.
  • All payments are made by bank. Payment must be made within 14 days of the invoice date into an account designated by the user.
  • After expiry of the aforementioned period of 14 days, the user is authorized to proceed to collection of the amount owed without further notice of default.
  • If the user has handed over its claim for collection to third parties in the event of late payment, the other party will be obliged to fully compensate the extrajudicial collection costs. These extrajudicial collection costs amount to fifteen percent of the amount to be claimed from the other party, including the aforementioned interest, but in all cases amount to at least € 40.00. The other party will also be obliged to fully reimburse the legal costs.
  • If the other party is in default of payment towards the user, the latter has the right to suspend the further execution of all current agreements between the parties until such payment has been made, if otherwise agreed.


4. Cancellation policy

  • You can only cancel by e-mail, please state the reason.
  • Canceling a photo shoot after a definite reservation is only allowed with a valid reason, this reason is judged by Sophie Babyphotografie.
  • For cancellation without valid reason, the following costs will be charged: Up to 48 hours before the report / due date, 50% of the costs will be charged. 24 hours or less before the report, 100% of the costs incurred will be charged.
  • Valid reasons for canceling a report include illness, death of, for example, close relatives, etc.
  • Sophie Babyphotografie is entitled to cancel a photo shoot or report with a valid reason.
  • Sophie Babyphotografie will always do her best to meet agreements or to book another shoot. If this does not work for whatever reason, she will let you know as soon as possible. Sophie Baby Photography is not obliged to arrange replacement.


Terms and Conditions, June 2021