When making an appointment with Sophie Babyphotografie you agree to the following terms and conditions:


1. General

  • When you use the services of Sophie Babyfotografie in any sense, you automatically agree to these terms and conditions.
  • When scheduling the appointment for the shoot, I will call, mail or email you the convenient dates. To accommodate my schedule and other clients, these dates will be kept 48 hours free.
  • When completing the booking form, the client’s partner also agrees to these terms and conditions and the photo shoot in general.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie can never be held liable for material and/or immaterial damages during an on-site photo session.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie needs an assistant during the shoot: in most cases this is the father. Is there, for whatever reason, no assistant present during the shoot? Then Sophie Babyfotografie reserves the right to cancel the shoot.
  • Also, Sophie Babyfotografie is not liable for providing less or less good photos than normal due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the photographer’s control. These include children not cooperating, instructions not being followed, weather conditions and more.
  • It goes without saying that Sophie Babyfotografie does her utmost to minimize the chance of breakdowns and errors during the shoot.
  • If you are dissatisfied or don’t like something during the shoot, please let me know immediately. That gives me the chance to change it immediately.
  • No rights can be derived from the information posted on this website. Sophie Babyfotografie has done her best to display everything on this website correctly and completely.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie reserves the right to improve or otherwise modify the information on the website, social media and other expressions at any time.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie does not accept any liability for any damages resulting from the use of this site or the use of (image) information provided on this site.
  • Hopefully unnecessary to mention: Sophie Babyfotografie is at all times entitled to stop services if there is any disrespectful behavior, transgressive behavior or aggression.
  • If after the free ordering session there is again a need to discuss album design, prints or other choices then an additional ordering appointment will be scheduled for this purpose. The cost of an additional ordering session is €95.


2. Copyrights, files and complaints

  • The copyright of the photos lies with Sophie Babyfotografie at all times.
  • The photos on www.sophiebabyfotografie.nl may only be used by the owner, Sophie Verstappen. Visitors can view these photos, but have no permission to use them in any way.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take pictures during the shoot. If one continues, after a warning, Sophie Babyfotografie has the right to end the shoot. This because of the copyright on the styling and shoot. Also to guard the peace and safety during the shoot.
  • The client gives the photographer permission to use the photos for promotional purposes. Such as, but not limited to; blog, portfolio, social media, flyers, exhibitions, competitions. The client will not receive any compensation for this.
  • If the customer explicitly does not want the photos taken of him/her or members of the family/family to be used for promotional purposes as described above, then customer should make this known by app or email during the booking process. The photos won’t be used.
  • It is not possible to receive or view RAW files and or raw photos after the shoot. Sophie Babyfotografie will select the 20 photos that meet the quality requirements and will edit and display these files during the ordering session.
  • Digital files are never delivered to the client in high resolution unless paid extra for at the then current rate.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie reserves the right to keep high resolution files in-house.
    The client will receive digital files with limited resolution and no watermark for use on social media or to print to a maximum size of 20×30 cm.
  • It is not allowed to use files for commercial or non-profits and/or to publish them in print media.
  • It is strictly forbidden to edit the obtained digital files, such as cutting or adding a filter or texts. Let alone sharing them on social media.
  • The client is not allowed to send digital files to photo competitions without Sophie Babyfotografie’s express permission.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie will keep your files for approximately one year after the shoot. Please save your files at home in different ways so that you cannot lose them.
  • Due to the nature of the product, it is not possible to exchange and/or return digital files.
  • Retrospective complaints of photo prints cannot be appealed to Sophie Babyfotografie if the client has had prints made by himself with a third party.
  • The customer is responsible for any damage caused by incorrect use of the album(s) or product(s) purchased by him or her.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie or Sophie Babyfotografie’s suppliers are not liable for any damage to a physical product after its correct delivery, unless there is a production error or a defective product. Customer is solely responsible for proper handling and/or attachment of the product.
  • Personalized products can never be exchanged.


3. Quotes, payment and prices

  • No rights can be derived from the information on the website or social media.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie reserves the right to change the rates of packages and products in the interim.
  • When booking a photo shoot you pay the full shoot cost of the corresponding package in advance.
  • The (purchase) price is in Euros. During an order session, the current rates as communicated to the client will always apply. There is no purchase obligation during an order session.
  • If you choose a package with print credit, the print credit is not exchangeable for money. The print credit can be spent on products from Sophie Babyfotografie’s collection.
  • An annual package is always paid in 2 installments, of which the first installment is paid at the time of booking. My photo shoots include digital files in resolution 20x30cm and an album.
  • In consultation it is possible to pay in installments. The first term has to be paid immediately after booking. The second term has to be paid at the latest one day before the shoot. If there is a third installment, it should be paid immediately after the shoot.
  • If upon receiving a gift certificate it is not possible or convenient to schedule or do the particular shoot, it can be changed to another shoot of your choice. The validity date of a gift certificate is one year. The recipient is expected to schedule a shoot of their choice at Sophie Babyfotografie as soon as possible.
  • Photos will only be delivered during the ordering appointment and always only after the full shoot has been paid.
  • Any upgrades must be paid by Pin during the Order Appointment. I accept cash but have no change in the studio.
  • If the user has outsourced her claim to third parties for collection in case of late payment, the other party will be obliged to pay the extrajudicial collection costs in full. These extrajudicial collection costs shall amount to fifteen percent of the amount to be claimed from the other party, including the aforementioned interest, but shall in all cases be at least €40.00. The other party shall also be obliged to pay the judicial costs in full.
  • If the other party is in default of payment vis-à-vis the user, the latter shall be entitled to suspend the further execution of all agreements in progress between the parties until such payment has been made, unless otherwise agreed.


4. Cancellation policy

  • Cancellation can only be done in writing, via Whatsapp or by email, giving reasons, Sophie Babyfotografie will then see what solution is convenient.
  • The only valid reasons to cancel a reportage are: illness, death of close family for example, and similar issues.
  • Cancellation for a photo shoot after final reservation is only allowed from 14 days before the respective shoot date.
  • Within 14 days before the due date or the day of the shoot, the amount already paid will be withheld.
  • Another consecutive shoot (3 month shoot, 6 month shoot or sittershoot) of corresponding monetary value will then be scheduled (if reasonably possible). Only in case of very serious reasons (death or serious illness within the immediate family) will a refund of the already paid shoot be made.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie is allowed to cancel the shoot if necessary.
  • Sophie Babyfotografie will always do her best to keep appointments or book another shoot. Should this not be possible for any reason, she will let you know as soon as possible. Sophie Babyfotografie is not obliged to arrange a replacement.


Terms and Conditions, November 2023