Yes! You are pregnant or just gave birth and looking for a Newborn Shoot in region Eindhoven!

Please note: a Newborn Shoot is a shoot for the age of: 6 days till 1 month old! Are you looking for a baby shoot for the age of 1 month until 12 months old? Click here


You have come to the right page so read on. On ’the Newborn shoot Eindhoven in English’ you will find all the information you need to experience a newborn shoot! 

Do you also think it’s important to:

  • Capture the first phase of your newborn
  • Create a lasting memory
  • To book a photographer who has a lot of experience, also with expats
  • Be able to choose from many different styling colours
  • Receive newborn photos of professional quality
  • Book a newbornshoot with safe poses 
  • Book a photographer who is child first aid certified
  • Free ordering session after your shoot
  • Get the photos quickly at home.
  • Beautiful high-end album with your photos included as you wish!

What other customers say about the Newborn shoot Eindhoven: 

“Sophie took very nice pictures of our son. She has beautiful materials for the perfect photos. She takes her time and is very calm, which had a good effect on our son. Also important: she pays close attention to safety and is enthusiastic. Highly recommended for a nice memory!!”


“We had a very nice photo shoot on the 12th March of my new born baby… 
The newborn shoot was very nice. Sophie is very patient and calm which creates a relaxed atmosphere! The photos are beautiful too! Highly recommended!”


“Recommended! Sophie is a very good photographer. She is calm and takes all the time for the baby. And the result is great!”


“Sophie has captured wonderful memories of our 5-week-old daughter … She takes the time. I never got the feeling she was looking at the clock to say that we where running out of time!”


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All Newborn Shoots take place at my studio in Eindhoven.

Working method newbornshoot

A newbornshoot is preferably done in the second week, but can be done until the baby is 6 weeks old. Please contact me first to see if there is space available. I will send you the link to the Booking Form. Note: the full shoot price must be paid in advance by payment request. Only then is your reservation complete. The shoot takes place in my  photostudio in Eindhoven. After the shoot I will create a gallery of 20 edited photos and a digital sample album within 2 weeks. During the ordering appointment at my studio, you choose your photos and which memory suits you best. The rest of the payment should be made on the spot by pin. Sophie Baby Photography is VAT-exempt.


8 pictures on USB
Linen album 10 x 10 cm with 8 pages
Only pictures of the baby
The essence
12 pictures on USB
Linen album 20 x 20 cm with 12 photos
5 luxury prints 10 x 15 cm
Includes parent or sibling photos
Sun, moon, stars
All inclusive
All 20 pictures on USB
Linen album 20 x 20 cm with the luxury artficial leather option
10 luxury prints 13 x 18 cm
100 euro product credit to choose something beautiful
Includes parent or sibling photos



een baby in het groen tijdens een newbornshooteen baby in het creme tijdens een newbornshoot in de studio in Eindhoven

een foto van een newborn op de beanbag tijdens een newbornshootHAVE YOU CHOSEN YOUR PACKAGE? DIRECTLY CONTACT ME VIA THE FORM

Do you still have any questions or do you doubt about something? Feel free to call me on 06-21656871 or mail me via the contact form

…Or do you prefer to read more? On ‘Newborn shoot Eindhoven in English’ you will find more information about how a newborn shoot eindhoven works

Waiting and after the delivery

It is very important to keep in touch while waiting for the delivery, this is the exciting part! Usually I have contact with the mother. A week before the due date, we exchange another email or text message. After all, you never know how it will go! I receive a message when the delivery has taken place and the family is at home. I always check how you are doing first. If everything goes well, we schedule the shoot. Usually the shoot takes place in the second week. The shoot take place at my studio in Eindhoven, but can also be done at home. 

The styling and loading stuff

First I choose backgrounds, depending on the top 3 colors on your booking form. Then I choose props to put the baby in. After that comes the styling. I make sure that different atmospheres are created. That way I have the best chance that you will be happy with the photos! When the styling is done I put everything together. It’s quite a lot that I have to think about. For example, a stove is essential. Did you know that 26 degrees is the ideal temperature for a Newborn shoot?

Keeping the baby awake

I always recommend leaving about 1.5 hours between the last feed and the shoot and to keep the baby awake. In practice, you can never time that perfectly. That is normal, the rhythm can be different every day! It is therefore the Newborn who determines the shoot, not the photographer. Of course I do my best to give you beautiful photos. Fortunately, very beautiful pictures can also be taken of awake children.


During the shoot I will see how I get the baby into the prop (basket, crate, bowl) as nicely as possible. It is important that the baby is soft when doing this so that he can never hurt himself if he does roll or turn. For safety reasons I always have a parent on the watch


I allow two to four hours for a shoot. It takes me three hours on average. It takes a while for the baby to sleep. hat is why I ask you not to put on anything that needs to be taken over the head after the last feeding. After all, then the chance of a sleeping child is greatest! That’s what I like the most about this job. That there always comes a moment when they are sleeping very sweetly and deeply in a cute crate!

Conditions and safety

Before the newbornshoot I always inquire beforehand about the delivery. If the mother needs it, I’ll be a listening ear. There is nothing more personal than childbirth and the processing of this also differs from person to person. It is nice if the father is also present. I always have someone sit next to the baby when I look away myself, for example to change a lens. Finally, I am – just in case – in possession of a Child First Aid certificate.

Quiet environment and clean up after the shoot

During the shoot itself, it is imperative that there is a quiet environment. It is also nice if there are no other children around, if they don’t have to be photographed.

een foto van een newborn in het lila tijdens een newbornshoot in de fotostudio in Eindhoveneen foto van een newborn in het beigeeen newborn in het groen tijdens een newbornshoot in BestYES! NOW YOU REALLY KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THE NEWBORN SHOOT! 😉 DIRECTLY CONTACT ME VIA THE FORM

Finally: Do you still have questions or doubts about Newborn shoot Eindhoven in English? No problem either! Feel free to call me on 06-21656871 or mail me via the contact form