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Yes! You are pregnant or just gave birth and looking for a Newborn Shoot in English!

Are you looking for a photo shoot for your newborn baby or newborn in Eindhoven? You’ll find all the info you need to book a timeless, professional newborn shoot here.

een newborn baby in het roze tijdens een newbornshoot in Eindhoven

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Do you also think it’s important to:

  • Choose a professional photoshoot in the early stages of your newborn
  • Receive newborn photos and an album of lasting, handmade quality
  • Book a photographer with a lot of experience
  • Choose from many different colors of styling
  • Book with a photographer who is certified in paediatric first aid
  • Book a newborn shoot with safe poses
  • Also have a free ordering session after your shoot
  • Choose from beautiful wall art options
  • Get the photos quickly
  • Book a photographer who also does baby shoots and cake smash shoots


een newborn in het blauw tijdens een newbornshoot in Eindhoven

What other customers say about the Newborn shoot Eindhoven: 

“Totally top notch! Very nice photos very patient and understanding with our newborn son. And a lot of respect for our wishes. Definitely recommended, even if it was a bit further away! Definitely worth it!”


“We had a very nice day a enjoyed a relaxing photo shoot of our newborn. Rest and relaxation for the baby was paramount with angelic patience. Very beautiful results 💗”


“Very nice experience with Sophie. We love the album and the prints!”


“After giving birth to my second child, I started thinking about a photo shoot for my little daughter. I decided to consult Google and with a simple search I found Sophie’s website almost immediately! I was impressed with her portfolio of newborn photos with lots of colors and styles. I was very pleased with the service and the end result. Sophie was very friendly and professional, flexible and dedicated in her work!”


een foto van een newborn baby in het paars tijdens een newbornshoot in de fotostudio in Eindhoven

Method newborn shoot

A newborn shoot is preferably done in the second week, but can be done until the baby is 4 weeks old. Please contact me first to see if there is space available. I will send you the link to the Booking Form.

Please contact me first to see if there is space available. I will send you the link to the Booking Form. The newborn shoot takes place in my photo studio in Eindhoven. After the shoot I will create a gallery of 20 edited photos and a digital sample album within 2 weeks. During the ordering appointment at my studio you choose your photos and which album and possibly wall-art suits you best. Sophie Baby Photography is VAT-exempt.

Do you want to book? Click here 

Do you want to book? Click here 

een newborn in het wit tijdens een newbornshoot in Eindhoven


Pictures of baby only
Receive 8 photos of your choice digitally
A mini album in size 10x10 cm with 8 pages
Optionally also photos of family or with brother/sister
Receive all 20 photos from the gallery digitally
Luxury 20x20 cm album with 24 pages and additional cover options
5 luxury prints 13x18 cm
a wooden photoblock for the prints


Grandparents package
Only possible combined with another package
2 x "Grandpa & Grandma - album" of 10 x 10 cm with 8 pages
2 x a print 13 x 18 cm
2 x a nice photoholder for the print
Luxury prints
10x15 - set of 10
13x18 - set of 8
15x20 - set of 5
20x30 - set of 4
30x45 - set of 3


een newborn in het lichtroze tijdens een newbornshoot in Eindhoven

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Do you still have any questions or do you doubt about Newborn shoot Eindhoven in English? Feel free to call me on 06-21656871 or mail me via the contact form

…Or do you prefer to read more? On ‘Newborn shoot Eindhoven in English’ you will find more information about how a newborn shoot eindhoven works

een foto van een newborn in het creme tijdens een newbornshoot in eindhoven

The phone call and booking

If you indicate that you are interested in a newborn shoot I always give you a call. This way I can answer all your questions and give the necessary information. Then you will receive an app with the link to the Booking Form. Here you can fill in all your details and information about the baby. You can also indicate your top 3 in terms of photos and colors. Once I have received the booking form I will send your invoice with the payment request. If the baby is already born, we will plan the shoot right away. If the shoot is paid for, the booking is complete and I will send you the link to the Information Letter with the final tips.

Waiting and after delivery

Keeping in touch before the baby is born is exciting! After all, you never know exactly how things will turn out. Usually the shoot takes place in the second week. The shoot takes place at my studio in Eindhoven. Is the baby already born before you book? Then we schedule an appointment during the booking.

The styling

First I look at which backgrounds I will build, depending on your preference. Then I’ll some beautiful props to put the baby in. Next comes the styling. Here I make sure to set different atmospheres. That way I have the best chance of making you happy with the photos! When the styling is done, I put everything together. For example, a heater is essential. If it’s too cold, the Newborn simply won’t go to sleep. Did you know that 26 degrees is the ideal temperature for a Newborn shoot?

Keeping awake

I always recommend leaving about 1.5 hours between the last feeding and the shoot and keeping the baby awake. In practice, you can never time this perfectly. That’s normal, the rhythm can be different every day! Therefore, it is the Newborn who determines the shoot, not the photographer. Of course I do my very best to give you beautiful pictures. Fortunately, it is also possible to take beautiful pictures of awake babies.

een voorbeeld van de wall-art die je kunt kiezen

During the ordering appointment, I also always show you a digital version of wall-art, as in this case a set of wall circles.

Posing during the newborn shoot

During the newborn shoot, I will look at how to get the baby into the prop (basket, crate, bowl) as nicely as possible. It is important that the baby lies softly while doing this, so he can never hurt himself if he does roll or turn. For safety reasons, I always have a parent watch.


On average, I spend three hours doing the newborn shoot itself. It takes a while for the baby to sleep. That is why I ask not to put anything on that needs to be over the head after the last feeding. After all, that’s when the chances of the baby sleeping are greatest! That’s what I love most about this work. That there is always a moment when they are very sweet and deep asleep in a cute little crate!

Conditions and safety

Before the newborn shoot I always inquire how the delivery went. There is nothing as personal as childbirth and also the processing of it differs from person to person. It is nice if the father is also present. I always have someone sit next to the baby if I look away myself, for example to change a lens. Finally, I am -just to be sure- in possession of a Children’s First Aid certificate.

The order appointment

After the shoot, I start editing the photos and making the digital version of the album and something beautiful for on the wall. When it is ready, I send a message to schedule the ordering appointment. During the ordering appointment when I take the photos, the digital version of the album and the wall art. This is the time to choose which memory suits you best.

een foto van twee albums

A sample of three albums

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