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Yes, you have a baby and are looking for a Cakesmash Shoot in Eindhoven region!

Are you looking for a photo shoot for your child who is about to turn 1? You’ll find all the info you need to book a timeless, professional cakesmash shoot here.

een baby in het roze tijdens een cakesmashshoot in Eindhoven

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Do you also think it’s important to:

  • Choose a professional photoshoot to capture the baby phase around 1 year old
  • Receive baby photos and an album of lasting, handmade quality
  • Book a photographer with a lot of experience
  • To have a choice of many different colors of styling including clothes and cake of your choice
  • Book with a photographer who is certified in paediatric first aid
  • Book a cakemsmash shoot with safe poses only
  • Also have a free ordering session after your baby shoot
  • Choose from beautiful wall art options
  • Get the photos quickly
  • Finish with a bath so your child can go home clean again

een baby in het groen tijdens een cakesmashshoot in Eindhoven

Please note that a Cakesmash Shoot is a shoot for infants between 9 months and 1 year old who can sit up well on their own. Are you looking for a baby shoot for your child from 1 month to 12 months old? Please click here

een foto van een baby in het roze tijdens een cakesmash shoot in de studio

What other customers are saying about the Cakesmash Shoot Eindhoven:

“We had a very nice cakesmash shoot. We experienced it as super nice. My daughter liked it too, because I was worried whether she would pose because she is quite shy with strangers. See you at another photo shoot”


“Thanks for the super fun cakesmash shoot! Photos are beautiful 😍 You do it very nice and you are fun with kids! Highly recommended for fun photos of your little one”


Sophie took very nice cakesmash photos for our daughter’s first birthday. We are very happy and satisfied with this”


“We love your work, Sophie 🤩 Thank you for your patience, warmth and for your professionalism with babies! We are surprised by the beautiful photos!”


een foto van een meisje tijdens de cakesmash shoot in Eindhoven

Method cakesmash shoot

This shoot can be done as soon as your child can sit well independently, approximately between 9 months and 1 year old. Please contact me first to see if there is space available. I will send you the link to the Booking Form. The newborn shoot takes place in my photo studio in Eindhoven. After the shoot I will create a gallery of 20 edited photos and a digital sample album within 2 weeks. During the ordering appointment at my studio you choose your photos and which album and possibly wall-art suits you best. Sophie Baby Photography is VAT-exempt.

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Pictures of baby only
Receive 8 photos of your choice digitally
A mini album in size 10x10 cm with 8 pages
Pictures of baby only
Receive all 20 photos from the gallery digitally
Luxury 20x20 cm album with 24 pages and additional cover options
5 luxury prints 13x18 cm
a wooden photoblock for the prints


Grandparents package
Only possible combined with another package
2 x "Grandpa & Grandma - album" of 10 x 10 cm with 8 pages
2 x a print 13 x 18 cm
2 x a nice photoholder for the print
Luxury prints
10x15 - set of 10
13x18 - set of 8
15x20 - set of 5
20x30 - set of 4
30x45 - set of 3


een baby tijdens een cakesmash shoot in Eindhoven

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Do you still have any questions or do you doubt about Cakesmash shoot Eindhoven in English? Feel free to call me on 06-21656871 or mail me via het contact form

…Or do you prefer to read more? On ‘Cakesmash shoot Eindhoven in English’ you will find more information about how a cakesmash shoot Eindhoven works.

een jongen in het creme tijdens een cakesmashshoot in Eindhoven

The phone call and booking

Beforehand, you first fill out the Contact Form or we’ll have phone contact. This is also the perfect time to ask questions 🙂 Then I’ll send you the link to the Booking Form. On this you indicate your preferences in terms of color and cake design, among other things. After that, we usually have contact again to agree on a date and I’ll send you the Information Letter. A cakesmash shoot should be booked at least 3 to 6 weeks in advance because of the preparation. Do you want the photos with your child’s birthday? For example for the invitation? Then it’s best to book 6 weeks in forehand.

Ordering the cake and styling

Based on your preference I will order the cake. You can choose a basic design, but from the Moon Package on, more complicated designs are also possible, such as a unicorn cake. Once the cake has been ordered, I will look at which background will go with it, and which clothes you have chosen.

Posing and safety

During the shoot, I prefer to work with both parents. If that is not possible, one parent plus grandmother, grandmother, uncle or aunt or friend is also fine. As long as it is a good acquaintance for your child so it feels familiar. I often place one parent next to me and one parent or the assistant next to the child. That way we can intervene if the little one runs off or wants to get out of the tub, for example. To be on the safe side, I have a certificate in child first aid, which fortunately I have never needed.

een foto van een meisjes baby in het blauw tijdens een cakesmash shoot in Eindhoven

Quick shoot

On average, the fotoshoot will take an hour. Of course, we start with a beautiful cake, but it’s nice if the cake breaks afterwards so we can make a fun photo series. To help with this, I also always set up a cute little tub to finish with. Not only does this make for great photos, it also makes sure your little one is clean again after the cakesmash shoot. How nice!

Rest and clean up after the cakesmash shoot

During the shoot itself it is necessary that there is peace and quiet. It is also nice if there are no children walking around, or if there is a babysitter for that. After the shoot, I always spend some time cleaning up. Usually I do this together with the father or assistant.

After the cakesmash shoot: the order appointment

After the cakesmash shoot, I set to work to create a beautiful gallery of 20 edited photos within 2 weeks. When this is ready, I will contact you again to schedule an Order Appointment in the studio. During the order appointment, you can see which photos you would like to have. It is always possible to upgrade to a package that includes more pictures or something for on your wall. This way you have a lasting memory of this fun cakesmash shoot.

een foto van twee albums

A sample of three velvet album

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