Today I’m going to work for the newbornshoot of Nickan

Beautiful lashes

Once the newborn is in, his beautiful lashes immediately catch my eye. I will definitely take some pictures of these! For today, we’re starting with the popular dark green/olive colored stylingset. It takes me some time to get Nickan to sleep back in again, but after that we’re good to go. I always start with the wrapping part, which is loved by my customers. Since the newborn is in deep sleep, the pictures are done pretty quick so we can go on to the next set. Before I will move into the next set, I make some close-up pictures of his lashes and lips.

White set with the bunny

Now Nickan has woken up a bit so I’m deceiding to make some nice awake pictures as well. We’re starting with a white woolen wrap complete with a cute bonnet, but I will also take pictures without the bonnet and with a white bunny. I always try to vary a bit during the set itself, so it gives parent’s more nice pictures to choose from.

a picture of a newborn baby boy during his newbornshoot in the photostudio in Eindhoven

In sleep again

After a feed the newborn gets sleepy again so we’re good to go to do the beanbag, where I prepared a beautiful blue set. We’ll start with a tiny blue pair of pants, complete with a bonnet. Then I wrap baby up for the first pictures. The newborn is still sleepy so I’m able to shoot some beautiful pictures. Then I unwrap baby and make some pictures with the pants and the bonnet. Then I remove the bonnet and put baby a bit more on the belly. After the blue set is done I will finish this newbornshoot with the white set. This neutral set is suitable for almost every baby and taste. After the white set is done baby can get his own clothes on  and then it’s time to relax again.

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