The newbornshoot of Lieke

Today I get to work on Lieke’s newbornshoot.

Neutral colors

For today’s newbornshoot the parents mainly wanted neutral colors and calm settings. A nice challenge for me, because I often work with a lot of colors. Especially for today, I came up with a new styling with a translucent canvas. I also get to work with the beanbag with different backgrounds.

a picture of a newborn baby during a nebwornshoot in the photostudio in Eindhoven


Lieke is already tired when she comes in and is fast asleep. In between she wakes up a few times, but after a feeding she is content and falls back asleep. We get to work with the cream-colored set while also taking pictures of the baby in daddy’s hands.

During the shoot, I usually let parents choose from different headbands for a girl or hats for a boy. I make a preselection in advance based on your preferences on the booking form.

After the cream-colored set, white and lilac come next, the latter even with matching lavender. Then I notice that the baby is done with it and that is the time to stop. Fortunately, again I was able to take more than enough good photos of the newborn to make a nice gallery.

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