Today I get to work on the maternity shoot of Danielle.

Gold with flowers

For the maternity shoot of Danielle, we came up with different ideas. For example, we have styling with a gold colored shawl. With that comes a matching rope and beautiful flowers. That way, we make a dress out of the shawl.

a picture of pregnant woman during her maternity shoot in the studio in Eindhoven

Getting used to it

When the pregnant woman comes in for her shoot, I always let her get used to it first. We take time to get acquainted and have a drink. Some ladies are uncertain when it’s time to get in front of the camera. That’s perfectly normal.

Rest assured, I’m going to help you pose. Want to read more about this? Then read the blog Posing during the pregnancy shoot.

Rest in between

Even though the pregnant woman indicates that she is still very mobile and can handle all poses, we always take one or two short breaks during the maternity shoot. Standing in the same position for a long time is often harder than you think. We move a chair in time to sit for a while.

Different poses

We do a number of different poses with and without flowers. Soon I am very satisfied with the photos. Then the shoot is finished and the pregnant woman can put her own clothes back on. I am looking forward to the photos and can’t wait to pick them out!

a picture of pregnant woman during her maternity shoot in the studio in Eindhoven

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