On the road to the newborn shoot: How does a newborn shoot work? In on the road to the newborn shoot I’ll be telling you about how it works. You’ll be amazed how much preparation it takes. Of course it allways starts with getting in contact with the parents-to-be. Some of you might allready know me from Facebook or Instagram. Most of the time, that’s where we get in contact, and then we continue by mail. First I write down the information which is in the booking form. Will it be a boy or a girl (if known)? What’s the phone number and e-mail address of the mother and which colors do you like? That way I can switch quickly when the time comes.


It’s very important to keep in contact while waiting for the baby and this is the most exciting part. Usually I have contact with the mother. A small week before the due date, we’ll exchange a mail or an app again. After all, you’ll never know how things will go! It is very common that someone gives birth earlier or later than the due date.

a picture of me shooting during a newbornshoot

The styling

First I wonder which backgrounds to pack. Then I look for something nice to put the baby in. After that comes the styling. I search everything together by color, because that’s what I like and do best. Of course I try to vary as much as possible. I also make sure that different atmospheres are created. That way I have the best chance that you will be happy with the photos!


When the styling is done I put everything together and load everything in crates. It is quite a lot that I have to think about when loading. For example, a heater is essential. If it is too cold, the Newborn simply will not go to sleep. Did you know that 26 degrees is the ideal temperature for a Newborn shoot?

a picture of me on the road to a newborn shoot

Keeping the newborn awake

I always recommend leaving about 1.5 hours between the last feeding and the shoot. It’s recommended to try keeping the baby awake. Off course you can never time perfectly. That is completely normal, the rhythm can be different every day! It is therefore the Newborn who determines the shoot, not the photographer. When I feel that the little one is done with it I will stop! Of course I do my best to send you beautiful photos. Fortunately, very beautiful pictures can also be taken of awake children. When I photograph the child naked, I do this subtly and put something on top and over it. That way you never see genitals in the pictures.


During the shoot I will see how I get the baby in the wad (basket, crate, bowl) as beautiful as possible. It is important that the baby lays soft when doing this so that he can never hurt himself if he decides to roll or turn anyway. In connection with safety, I always have a parent on the watch.

Be patient…

Count on two to four hours for a shoot. On average, it takes me at least three hours. That’s because I want to photograph the baby asleep. Many parents tell me that their child is sleeping through everything. Often when I pack or pack the baby, they become restless or wake up. It differs per child how long it takes before it goes back to sleep. That is why I ask not to do anything after the last feeding that should be overlooked. After all, then the chance of a sleeping child is greatest! That’s what I like the most about this job. That there almost always comes a moment when they are sleeping very sweet and deeply in a cute crate! You have to be careful that you do not fall asleep yourself…

a picture of me doing a newborn shoot

Conditions and safety

I will always inform you how the delivery was. If the mother needs it, I am a listening ear. But this varies per woman. After all, nothing is more personal than childbirth and the processing of this also differs from person to person. The mother is not allowed to assist me during the shoot, because of the bending and lifting. It is therefore very nice if the father can be there. I always have someone sit next to the baby when I look away myself, for example to change a lens. Furthermore, I am in possession of a Children’s First Aid certificate, just in case.

Silence please!

During the shoot itself it is necessary that there is as silent as possible. That is why I ask not to schedule appointments with family, friends, consultation office and the like on the day of the shoot. It is also easy if there are no other children around, or if they can go with someone for a while. They are often proud and often want to stay close. That can make it difficult to do my job well. Sometimes they also have to be on the brother/sister images themselves. The safety of the baby in particular plays a role here. For copyright and security reasons, it is allowed to take one phone photo during the shoot. Continuing to photograph is strictly prohibited.

Also part of the job: cleaning

After the shoot I am always busy cleaning up. Yes, unfortunately that is part of the job as a photographer! Not all mothers can and are allowed to lift immediately after giving birth. That is why I ask if the father (or in some cases: someone else) to be present. Together we can then walk back and forth to the car to reload everything. When I get home I first put my pictures on the computer, to be sure they are safe 🙂 Usually my working day is over after that, or well, almost… First everything has to be back in place. I have to wash my cloths because of hygiene, many children spit, defecate or urinate a little during the shoot. Usually it comes down to putting everything in the office and figuring it out later 🙂 That is a nice job to start on the next working day.


Hopefully, you liked to read “On the road to the newborn shoot”. You can read more about me here. Are you pregnant or did you just gave birth and are you looking for a Newborn photographer? You can contact me for a Newborn shoot. Or do you want a nice Babyshoot? Please feel free to contact me! Keep in mind that I use (region) Eindhoven as a working area. This in connection with the amount of work per shoot. Prices can be found here.