Of course I will also introduce myself! This blog is not called More about Sophie without a reason 😉 My name is Sophie Verstappen. I am 34 and I was born in Tilburg. I have been living with Vincent in Eindhoven for about 9 years now. Since December 24, we have a daughter, Sara. As a little girl I already had an analog SLR, my father taught me to photograph. Later this became one of my biggest hobbies. I was very good at it and it gave me peace of mind. 

Continue studying

When I got older I started studying graphic design at Sint Lucas. In the last year we had to choose a specialization. I didn’t have to think long to choose photography. When I finished my exam, I knew I wanted to keep learning. Because I was far from tired of studying and wanted to deepen my knowledge and technology. That is how the idea came to study Photography at St. Joost Art Academy. There was a lot to learn there. After my studies I had various jobs in the graphic and photographic field. I have experience as a product photographer and as desktop publisher/designer. I also used to work in a photo shop where I also made passport photos of both children and adults.

a picture of the newborn photographer Sophie Verstappen

Unfortunately, when I was pregnant with Sara, my contract ended. But I got through my pregnancy very fit! During labor I lost a liter of blood. This made me very weak during the first period. Only afterwards did I regret not being able to take a good photo of Sara. This is how the idea was born for Sophie Babyfotografie. I always loved children, but never knew what I wanted to do with them. And suddenly I had the answer! I thought it would be fantastic to do beautiful Newborn shoots and to style them myself. And I already bought a full-frame camera a year ago, so that worked out well. 


Gradually I came across Brenda Olie on Google. I decided to follow a few workshops with her to get off to a good start. Not much later I placed my first call for models! After that I was busy filling my portfolio. At the moment I am mainly busy with Newborn shoots and I have done a couple of Pregnancy shoots. After this I also want to start up baby and cake smash shoots and do more pregnancy shoots. For this I will be looking for nice things in the near future!

Do you also have hobbies?

Whether I also have hobbies? Of course! Actually I am quite addicted to Netflix, I easily watch about 3 movies a week. That’s because I am visual minded. I have also been doing strength training with great pleasure for about 10 years. I also like to walk and I take dance lessons: Jazz. Reading and traveling are also fun. We have been to Thailand, China, India, America, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. When Sara is a bit older we want to pick this up again.

a picture from me doing a newbornshoot


Hopefully, you liked to read “More about Sophie”. Are you pregnant or did you just gave birth and are you looking for a Newborn photographer? You can contact me for a Newborn shoot. Or do you want a nice Babyshoot? Please feel free to contact me! Keep in mind that I use (region) Eindhoven as a working area. This in connection with the amount of work per shoot.